Architectural Art Glass

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An aim and mark of excellence since 1996.  International awards.
Projects bridge architecture and fine art — integrating human experience, layered aesthetics, and meaningful expression.

We move forward the definition of contemporary glass with multi-layered art glass panels and sculpture with industrial lasers, advanced machining, traditional methods, and custom techniques. New industry and proprietary technologies make possible—and feasible—the execution of finely crafted works at scale.

Collaboration and team objectives are integral to the success of each project.

Commissions include glass art, sculpture, virtual fabrication, mixed media, video, animation, generative computer work, and custom digital tools. Commissioned architectural art glass elements correspond to canopies, curtain walls, doors, columns, interior design panels, windows, and things seen through. Major commissions in the United States, Canada, Germany, and Taiwan.

“The largest glass artwork of the world will be located in Kaohsiung Rapid Transit station.”
- China Times, 2007.09.20
World Games Station / Half Cliff Mountain, R17, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

R17, Half Cliff Mountain / World Games Station public art project